TA audio narrative: Does orange make my butt look fat?

It’s said that people fear public speaking – and looking ridiculous – more than death.

“You’re going to wear that? Halloween’s not for another month!”
When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.
When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.
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Published by alison young

Alison Young is the Blissful Hiker, a voice artist and sometime saunterer. 📣🐥👣🎒

Reader Comments

  1. Bravo my friend ‼️
    Loud colorful clothing is great for adventuring because when we get in real trouble we can be located easier 🕺🏽

  2. Alison, you look like a rock star thru-hiker in your orange/red puffer jacket.

    We’re all perfect and broken at the same time so rick your thru-hike look!

    1. Rebecca, just what I needed to hear! Ready or not, my feet and my big puffy orange are going on that trail so look out!

  3. Frank honesty. Great narrative. I had some similarl feeling bicycling around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island last summer. However every time I met somebody they were so envious of what I was doing that it put my reservations out of my mind. I’m sure you’ll find the same thing!

    1. yesss! thank you so much for this note. I imagine week one I’ll forget all about silly worries and they’ll be replaced by new ones. bwahahahaha

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