It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom.   

Wallace Stevens

On Saturday, October 27th, I will begin a journey…

Alison’s Amazing Hike, the kiwi side

Thank you Eduardo at TLG Photo and Video for making the on-camera experience fun for this face-for-radio.


  1. Jim Million

    Very best wishes for this fabulous trek. Remember to keep more visions in your mind than in your camera. Forget all of us for awhile and simply enjoy what others envy.

  2. Gail & Peter Arnott

    We with be thinking of you every step of the way and will follow your feed. Good luck, good weather and happy walking.
    Fondest love from your South African friends Peter & Gail

    • alison young

      Thank you so much, Gail and Peter! There is a bit more track than in the Drakensberg 🙂 and more trampers too! But will be loads of rain and mud!! Love, alison

  3. Micki Simms

    Oh, my gosh! It’s really happening! No more prep videos-
    it’s going to be the tent in use; the socks worn, the backpack
    on the back, etc. Countdown is ON! We’re ALL IN!
    YOU GO GIRL; Keep us in your feed.

    xoxo, M

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