TA audio narrative: who is this “blissful hiker” you speak of?

You have to work from your instinct and feeling and take those risks and be fearless.

Anna Wintour 

I’m a classical music DJ and long-distance backpacker trying to have it all – or at least a taste of it “all” – in this life.

Come along on my journey!

With a month to go, the mind, body and soul are already partly on the trail.
With a month to go, the mind, body and soul are already partly on the trail.
Minnesota Public Radio host swept into the inevitability of a five-month hike in New Zealand.
Thank you to John Reamer and Associates for their generous support of my audio narrative project.

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Alison Young is the Blissful Hiker, a voice artist and sometime saunterer. 📣🐥👣🎒

Reader Comments

  1. One word: exciting.
    Two words: huge adventure.
    Three words: you’ll rock it!
    Four words: opportunity of lifetime
    Five words: journal, journal, journal, journal, journal.
    Six words: Remember April’s return month to Minnesota.

    In short: carpe diem. Period.

    1. Thank you, Joan! I still remember fondly that you gavce me a haiku assignment on the JMT which I did diligently and it made that trip so especially alive to look for something everyday. On this walk, I’ll write, but mostly listen for sounds to share…

  2. Never regret anything that makes you smile – what an apt quote from Twain…you will smile every day when you are in the land of the Kiwis, each day you rise and see the days walking ahead, the vistas that will greet you…any drowning in ambivalence will be long gone, there will not be the time to be lonely…the sound of Mahler will be complimented by that of the fauna…what a super blog, what an adventure to follow

    1. Thank you, not-quite-so Terrible Ted! I ended up singing that particular Mahler nearly every step in France, she likes to follow me on my long walks. And indeed, Twain had it right, I’d say. I still have four more weeks to drown in details ;0

    1. ha! though I have heard of a few hikers who wear old dresses from Goodwill while thru-hiking, mostly so they can pee quickly and without fuss!

  3. Now if you were in Florida, one would assume from that pic that you were just being ready to evacuate immediately. Your brain must be racing. Are you geting any sleep at all?

      1. Not a bad start. But given that part of your trek will be over water, you might need “Kī tōnu taku waka topaki i te tuna” (= My hovercraft is full of eels”***, although you might need to substitute” kōreti” [small canoe] for “waka topaki”).


          1. Ha ha ha… I remember I was one of two people who sent you that article, with the comment:

            Well, be careful, and remember (with apologies to the late Dean Martin):

            “When a seal thows an octopus right in your eye,
            That’s Amore…”

            (“or LUNCH”, you said.)

            So- substitute “wheke” for “kōreti” and you’re good to go!

    1. haha, technically, but I staged that backpack pic on my way to the Ordway to host the SPCO concert, so not on air. TMy papparazza was Minday Ratner!

  4. Still, you were hosting the SPCO concert with a backpack. Impressive! (Nice attention to Italian grammatical rules re agreement of gender, too.) How’s your Maori?

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