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TA Day 45, Whakapapa River to Te Porere Redoubt – 35 km

Gray and ominous this morning; foggy, but no rain. Obviously I’d like ideal weather for the crossing – and my birthday this Friday – but there is something cool walking overland to the national park and having it reveal itself.

Walking is such a metaphor for life. Unless it’s a race, you can’t really rush it. You have a pace, set it and then walk every step to where you’re going. It goes as it goes. David is gone when I’m up and then I’m next. I am not partucularly fast, but steady. And this is uphill for the first several hours.

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TA Day 44, Taumaruni to Whakapapa River – 25 km

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.

– Søren Kierkegaard

The day starts in a familiar way – rain. Extra loud on the container that I share with Bojan, Marko, Alexis and David. Always good sleeping on a ‘bed’ – actually kiddie mattresses – and bonding with all our stuff spread about.

I forgot to mention that I at least attempted a surreptitious rinse in the river yesterday afternoon. Later, when one of the sons picked me up from a second attempt at resupply, he comments, “So you’re the nudist tourist, eh!” If seeing a glimpse of a middle aged lady is your big thrill, good on you.

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TA Day 43, Ongarue to Taumarunui – 27 km

Up early just as the sun is coming up, my favorite time of day. I’m happy to have found a group of hikers because the coming days will be confusing. The weather is going to be awful and I’ll need to do sections out of order. Likely we’ll all canoe the seven days on the Whanganui together.