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thoughts on the year’s first day

They say faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the whole staircase. Actually, wisdom is seeing the elevator behind it that would have taken you to the top floor.

― Shannon L. Alder
Snowy Summit Avenue in Saint Paul in  bright sun.

Christmas music fills the house on this bitter January first, Richard digs deep into his bag of trigonometricks to insure we measure right before cutting lumber meant for our off-kilter, no-reflective surfaces box of a voice booth, and I sit at the kitchen table pondering this next epic path I’ll take to a new, satisfying career.

Awkward first steps for me include the conflation of myriad projects in varying states of completion spread across three computers, their yawning mouths like a nest of hungry fledgling sparrows demanding my attention. Last night, I arrived at some semblance of completion just before midnight so Richard and I cuddled by the fire with Haägen- Dazs and champagne. We kept up the annual tradition of casting runes for the upcoming year, my reading a warning that I still need to till the soil a bit more before I plant.

Fine by me. I’ll take this journey ahead step by deliberate, thoughtful and intentional step and enjoy the ride. As Albert Einstein pointed out logic will get me from A to B, while imagination will take me everywhere.

As I was cleaning out old documents and pictures – many sent to friends yesterday accompanied by a nostalgic new year greeting – I came across this cool list of advice. I hope you like it and I welcome your thoughts, any additions to the list, which ones you favor – and maybe more important, which ones might offer the biggest challenge in 2020.

Happy New Year! Happy Trails! <3 Singet