Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Brené Brown

It’s always fun to share my hiking adventures, especially when things get a little less “blissful!”

Join me for a journey on foot around the world.

Q: What makes long distance backpacking come alive?
A: Sharing the experience with others!

Through images, video, sound and stories, I bring you right along with me on trail. You will feel the crunch of volcanic rock under your feet, hear the call of shore birds, smell sweet balsam in a rain forest, touch the bits of gear I carry that sustain me outdoors for weeks on end, and see some of the most marvelous scenery in the world.

Presentations last just about an hour with enough time for questions and discussion. I bring my laptop, cords/cable and a mini speaker to plug right into your set up.

Some possible presentations include:

  • Te Araroa, New Zealand’s Long Pathway
  • At the Speed of Andante, composers finding their muse on trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail, from Cascades to Desert
  • K2 basecamp and the Karakorum, The Throne Room of the Gods
  • Torres del Paine, circling Chile’s Patagonian towers
  • Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa and Lesotho’s “Dragon”
  • Grande Randonnée Cinq, floating on the French Alps
  • The Wind River High Route, a trail-less wonder of Alpine beauty

Live web broadcast from the Ordway Theatre.
Having a laugh with friends at McKenna Crossing.

I really enjoyed that; I hope we can have Alison back.

Folkestone Senior Living

Thank you so much for such an interesting presentation!

Lexington Pointe Senior Living
Talking about the happy day when I got new shoes on the Te Araroa.
Talking with an audience member who helped build the Arizona Trail!

I congratulate you for not dropping out of life.

Cedar Ridge

They loved you so much, they wouldn’t let you leave!

Fairway Knoll
Guest speaker, Rovers Club.
Midwest Mountaineering presenter.