PCT Day 97 and 98, zeroes, Ridgecrest

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic. – Rosalind Russell

Much needed zero days have been taken at the home of my new friend, the awesome trail angel Sandy of Ridgecrest. Resupply is accomplished and the bear canister has been sent on back to the gear closet in Saint Paul – hooray! I also sent a couple of food boxes forward to Warner Springs and Aguas Dulces because it looks like it will be trickier to get all the food I’ll need at those stops. It was Ghost in the Machine who had all the beta on that one. We dropped her off for what ended up taking five hitches for her to skip forward to Hiker Town.

Sandy and I then visited Fossil Falls, a huge magma dam from the Pleistocene era where water swirled about, carving fanciful shapes and drilling holes. We scampered over the rocks, watched climbers take on the rocks from way below and were buzzed by four biplanes in the endlessly blue sky. When I climbed up on a rock for a little ‘Hiker Vogue,’ snow geese passed by, a kinetic sculpture and all as one like a floating fabric square, silver-white-silver-white.

Sandy worked last night and most of today and so I did too producing a piece for the Schubert Club as well as a visual-audio essay and got caught up on the blog and emails. I have to say it felt amazing to voice a script, gather music, edit and produce a ten-minute piece. I love this kind of work – and I’m good at it – in the comfort of Sandy’s house, hemmed in by dogs, it was just what I needed.

I wouldn’t say it was an exciting time off since for most of it I parked myself on the couch and surfed Netflix, but Sandy and I bonded making a huge breakfast, then later sharing a superb meal of filet mignon and killer chocolate mousse cake at Indian Wells Lodge. Food has been a focal point these two days and when Sandy checked in on me midday today, I told her I’d eaten all there was to eat, but at least I’m starting to feel less Twiggy-esque.

I’m clean. I’m rested. I’m caught up on work. I’m full on food and girl talk and tear-jerker movies and fur therapy and general hanging out to digest all I’ve done so far and wrap my head around all I have ahead of me. It feels so good to be here and was such an unexpected gift.

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  1. Most of last week I was staring at a computer screen completing forms, creating lists and creating needed documents. Bu the end of the week, my eyes and brain were tired of such prolonged focus on one thing. Over the weekend my daughter and I went on a much need visual and mental break. You have done the same. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, your name came up as one who is successful in your walking because you have a goal, a destination in mind. Others we know haven’t been as successful because there is no end point so there is no motivation to move forward.

    1. Totally needed break! I feel refreshed and clean, haha. I am pretty goal oriented, that’s true. But I guess this time I’m only going as far as I can go – haha

  2. Rest, Food and Clean body and clothes! You must feel like a new person. It is so good that you took a break and that it was so pleasant! Your photos are so beautiful and full of color!

  3. Good to see you back online, rested and roaring to go again. I thought of you this morning when Sandra & I were leaving our regular breakfast spot in Bellingham WA (The Harris Ave. Cafe in Fairhaven). The car parked next to mine had a bumper sticker that read “HIKE MORE. WORRY LESS.” 🙂

  4. SPCO left a message on my phone today. They are discontinuing Fanfare. Bummer! Probably a financial decision. I will let them know my discontent and strongly recommend they hire you to do them, while charging attendees $5 each.

    Alision, we met at your Eden Prairie Fanfare presentation months ago and discussed you speaking at AAUW Mpls sometime in 2020. We want you there more than ever now. Your blogs have enlightened my days.

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