You have to go through the falling down in order to learn to walk. It helps to know that you can survive it. That’s an education in itself.

Carol Burnett

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Cactus nuzzle in looking down on Scissors Crossing near Julian.
If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed. – Shalane Flanagan Desert sunrises are
Ted and Richard hand me a bottle of water before saying goodbye as I head into the mountains for the last night alone on the PCT.
Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them. – Assata Shakur I wake up with the sun even though we
A sign shows me I how far I've come and how far I have to go to finish the PCT.
Richard and I pose at Lake Morena the final night of the PCT.
To me, there’s no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first. – Janean Garofalo It’s quasi
You don’t choose the day you enter the world and you don’t chose the day you leave. It’s what you
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some
Camping can be the greatest expression of free will, personal independence, innate ability, and resourcefulness possible today in our industrialized,
Wherever we travel to, the wonderful people we meet become our family.Lailah Gifty Akita Last night I had vivid dreams
It's not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an’re the author of your own story, honey, so take your time telling it. revise. revise, and revise some more.
Walking is also an ambulation of mind.Gretel Ehrlich Today I'll present my first talk about my epic hikes. I was
About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most
Thank God I have seen an orange sky with purple clouds. How easy it is to forget that we have
The chorus of birds on both the Te Araroa and the Pacific Crest Trail were glorious. Hear them for yourself!
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Margaret Mead
"Sierra Cowboy" was the winning photo of the 2019 Pacific Crest Trail photo contest in the equestrian category.
He was the youngest solo thru-hiker on the PCT, but still couldn't finish the pancakes.
Melinda and Henry planned to hike the PCT from south to north, but came across deep snow and dangerous river crossings in the Sierra, so flipped up north to Washington and headed south to meet the spot where they left off.
It takes courage to change directions mid-stream.
The benefit of pacing a long distance thru-hike more slowly is to be able to increase bliss.
Judy met a guy with a much lighter tent while hiking the Appalachian Trail and it was not a
The need for a lighter tent that wasn't a "coffin" led Judy Gross to design and make her own.
I met Joshua on Flat Iron Ridge in Lassen National Park building a fire break with hand tools.
Casey Cox started his company after waiting, cold and hungry, his thumb out for a ride that never came.
Bob is the caretaker at one of the oddest places along the PCT.
It's a long 18-mile stretch in desert to Hiker Town, one of the oddest places I slept along the PCT.
Bonita is the friendly innkeeper at the Silver Pines, a very accommodating hotel for backpackers.
Historic Silver Pines Lodge has seen its share of "Hiker Trash," but the innkeeper says it's enriching.
The owner of Laguna Mountain Lodge & Store gives us good rules to live by: lighten up and be nice.