Using uncertainly to energize reinvention

Transitions are hard. While they offer equal parts anticipation and opportunity, getting centered can often prove elusive.

After a debilitating condition destroyed her music career, Alison Young sold her beloved flute and set out on a journey to walk the length of New Zealand. Her goal was not only to finish the trail, but to access joy and discover where her next steps would take her. As she braved extreme weather, precarious river crossings, swarms of sandflies and epic mud, she discovered that joy resides inside us, no matter the circumstances. 

A master storyteller and inspirational voice, Alison helps you build your skills in accepting and even embracing change and uncertainty as a part of a joyful life. You’ll gain insight on ways to embrace the dark moments while still moving forward. You’ll create a safe space for doubt and regret as you discover how to get unstuck. And you’ll use risk taking to develop resilience, and ultimately step into joyful reinvention.

Key outcomes include:

  • Understand how the dark, difficult moments are tools for empowerment
  • Explore 3 ways risk-taking can build resilience
  • Shift the thinking surrounding regrets to motivate change

Why Alison Young?

Alison Young lives the sheroe’s journey as a middle-aged long distance adventurer, backpacking the world on titanium hips. She’s encountered her share of loss and disappointment, including changing careers twice, but this has not stopped her from planning and executing journeys and looking for joy in each step.

The trail has taught her how to turn loss into opportunity and use regret as a motivating tool. Alison channels her learning to help you get unstuck and live with more joy and success.