You must search for the loveliness of America; It is not obvious; it is scattered; but when you find it, it touches you and binds you to it like a great secret oath taken in silence.

Struthers Burt, Jackson Hole Dude Rancher 1934
A creature walking past my tent wakes me up before I head to Ski Lake and back to civilization.
Thunder brings Blissful down from scrambling then tachycardia brings her down from a high alpine lake.
Sheep Steps leads to the "cobble stones" of Death Canyon Shelf and scrambling up Spearhead Peak.
Switchbacks over Hurricane Pass take Blissful into the magical polished granite of Alaska Basin.
The trail traces Cascade Canyon to Avalanche Divide where an off-trail scramble takes me to a remote lake.
The Divide is short but steep to Lake Solitude where I nab the best site with its own resident moose.
Feeling strong with a mostly "all-clear" from my cardiologist, I begin hiking the Teton Crest Trail.