Backpacking and long distance thru-hiking is not always blissful.

It takes hard work, dedication and determination to stay the course when walking, tramping, sauntering or trekking. But like life, the rewards are sweet for those willing to put one foot in front of the other. Throughout my ‘hiking career,’ my feet have moved me forward on six continents, in the United States, England, France, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa. Check the dropdown menu above for specific hike diaries, gear lists or follow me on my journey.

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

Emily Dickinson
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I’ve made a career shift to professional speaker using stories from the trail to teach and inspire.
On the Arizona Trail, I learned about love as a gift in the form of the desert bloom.
It's the first ever "Ask Me Anything," your chance to send me any burning backpacking-related questions.
To be venturesome or adventurous are two different things. Which are you?
On a muddy section of the Arizona Trail, I learned that joy is a choice.
Sometimes a "gut feeling" can send you a message to quit before you've had time to analyze data.
Technical diver and photographer, Jeff Lindsay speaks about the 'little voice of reason' and when to quit.
A belief in abundance can help us quit when something is not working.
Dystonia ended my professional flute career, but it took an intentional act to ultimately let go.
In the first in a series, we'll explore the power in letting go and being open to new possibilities.
The great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wants us to be wanderers, “though not as a traveler to a final destination: for this destination does not exist.”
To hike alone carries a certain inherent risk, but the rewards are great.
I’m using my time on the Arizona Trail in late winter as a setting for Advent talks I'll give in
I was under the spell of Lake Maria State Park in late fall, oak leaves falling like snow and crunching
200-foot sandstone cliffs "painted" by leeching minerals loom above the turquoise waters of Lake Superior.
It was easy walking through the "Porkies" in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but strikingly soulful.
Paralleling the Continental Divide Trail, this high route traverses steep passes in Colorado’s Front Range.
The final day takes us over Texas Pass into the astounding Cirque of the Towers.
It’s a big pass with big talus in wild wind to a magical camp behind the towers.
Bog, rock ramps, gullies, talus and bushwhacking take us over one of the most stunning passes yet.
It’s a long day beginning with pouring rain, then passes, including Hay, and lakes in forest and above treeline.
The hardest day yet across Knifepoint Glacier, up Alpine Pass and Class 3 scrambling to a magical camp spot.
It’s big climbs over Knapsack Col into stunning Titcomb Basin then up towards Indian Pass.
It’s beautiful walking along azure lakes under the gaze of the Square Top, then 2,400 feet up Cube Pass.
Later this week, I'll join two friends to walk the extraordinary Wind River High Route in Wyoming.
Paddling is thrilling on the magnificent lakes of the north in Voyageurs National Park.
Tips for hiking the 310-mile premier backpacking path in the American midwest.
After hiking nearly 18,000 miles, "Apple Pie" shares advice and humor about long distance backpacking.