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The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

Emily Dickinson
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Backpacking and long distance thru-hiking is not always blissful. It takes hard work, dedication and determination to stay the course when walking, tramping or trekking. But like life, the rewards are sweet for those willing to put one foot in front of the other.

My smiling avatar sitting in her lotus position was named in a contest by my followers “Anita Hike.”

Throughout my hiking career, my feet have moved me forward on six continents, in the United States, England, France, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa. Check the dropdown menu above for specific hike diaries and gear lists.

I wrote this right after I had both hips replaced, caught covid and was unsure I'd hike again.
I'm trying something new on the CDT: making my own maps and not bringing a stove.
Backcountry Foodie provides recipes that are nutritious, light-weight, easy to make and cheap.
Summit Orthopedics gave me new hips plus financial support for my upcoming CDT hike.
You can become a supporter of Blissful Hiker as she podcasts from the Continental Divide Trail.
Early spring in Northern Minnesota is a perfect time to test gear and new titanium hips.
Designed for all the places you 'go,' the Kula Cloth is an essential piece of gear for female hikers.
Today my podcast is one year old! I'm so happy I revisited my hikes and now it has a new
A tantalizing taste of glorious hikes on the roof of the world.
Join Blissful for a live "virtual" presentation of her Te Araroa tramp, Friday, April 23 at 4:00 CST.
Blissful Hiker hosts a new podcast with The Trek for day hikers and experienced trekkers.
Blissful took a "shakedown" backpack trip to test new gear and new titanium hips.
The Tick and Mosquito Project teaches us how to NOT get Lyme Disease this season.
Thermoregulating, breathable, odor resistant and durable, Ibex merino is also very comfortable.
Quandary Peak is one of the easiest mountains to climb in winter, even by people with new hips.
Replacing the alicoop's zipper pulls so she can go on one more big trail, was shockingly easy.
Building a system of small, bite-sized goals helps us avoid summit fever while also increasing joy.
The 'Savage Mountain,' K2, was summited in winter this January by two teams of Nepali climbers.
Rehabilitation and training for the CDT begins on terrazzo floors, indoors.
On Aconcagua in 2014, I learned that failure can become a success when you choose life.
As training commences for the Continental Divide Trail, here's a look back at the CO section.
Balega is a Zulu word that means
Like and share The Pee Rag on Facebook and you'll be entered to win pairs of Balega socks!
The owner of Laguna Mountain Lodge & Store gives us good rules to live by: lighten up and be nice.
As we enter a new phase of the pandemic – and Blissful recovers – let's look back to the beginning.
These socks swaddled my feet and stayed dry, but were not durable enough for a backpack trip.
Bonita is the friendly innkeeper at the Silver Pines, a very accommodating hotel for backpackers.
Historic Silver Pines Lodge has seen its share of "Hiker Trash," but the innkeeper says it's enriching.
My mother makes an appearance sharing a tiny vignette, a clue to my hiking passion.