Sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world.

Updated gear list now available. You can access it on google docs and take it with you!

Backpacking gear selection is very personal and always a work-in-progress. I own a variety of packs, bags, tents, mats and clothing and have been known to switch mid-hike when one bit of kit didn’t quite work out as planned. That being said, I include my pack list to help you with your own sorting out of gear. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

At only three ounces, the Black Diamond Spot is a great little light with lots of functionality, if you can just remember how to turn it on and off.
The Black Diamond Spot is only 3 ounces with loads of functionality, but I can never remember the steps.
Balega is a Zulu word that means
Balega socks offer ease, agility and the fleet-footedness of a seasoned ultra trail runner.
My Leki poles keep me upright in 80 mph gusts.
I swear by foldable, bomb-proof Leki trekking poles to keep me upright.
Set up is a snap for my ultralight and rugged tarptent, named the"alicoop" by followers.
My Granite Gear Crown 60 is named Olive Oyl.
Followers named my superbly designed, lightweight but rugged Granite Gear pack, Olive Oyl.
I leave for Northern England and the Coast-to-Coast in six days and until a few moments ago, I was still
alicoop! My tent doesn’t look like much but, as an estate agent might say, 'It is air-conditioned and has exceptional
Which mattress do I take for the 192 miles of England’s Coast-to-Coast in June? There’s only one way to find
I need help choosing footwear for the Coast to Coast walk in June. What do you think? Forget not that
This is my new tent for the Coast to Coast walk next month. Let the beauty of what we love
Before any hike, you should ask the question "could I spend the night here?" - blissful hiker Have you ever