The Sawatch Range is a high and extensive group of mountains in central Colorado right along the Colorado Trail that eight of the 20 highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains, including the highest, Mount Elbert at 14,400 feet.


scree slope, Mt. Antero

My friend and I scaled all of the peaks in two weeks, with (mostly) perfect weather, all 15 14’ers in central Colorado’s Sawatch Range. Some backpacking, some brew pubbing and lots of heavy breathing. Pro tip: prepare for all weathers, get an early start and be ready to bail, but enjoy every step of the journey.

Massive, the big
Yale, the wise
Huron, the pretty
Belford, the far
Oxford, the even more far
Missouri, the eroded
Harvard, the exposed
Mount of the Holy Cross, the remote
La Plata, the snowy
Antero, the odd
Tabeguache, the long
Shavano, the warm
Princeton, the hot
The Last


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