TA Day 109, ‘zero day’ Wanaka

Pink sky in the morning, hiker take warning. Good thing I planned a rest day as the clouds move in, shut out the mountains and it begins to rain.

I am happy to have the day for only a few tasks like sending on my bounce box to Invercargill, resupplying for the next section, changing out the shoe laces and taking in calories.

Andrew suggests I have a facebook chat with our mutual friend, our au pair when I was 3, ‘silver boots’ Carole back in England and we take a trip down memory lane with lots of laughs.

Albert Town is the destination on our one outing to avoid the crowds gathering in Wanaka for a triathlon, and I take the quartet to the Patisserie ordering a fancy chocolate/walnut concoction and a flirty, flowery and fiery kombucha. At the Four Square, it’s more noodles, tuna and bars. I will have to modify the diet as soon as the hike ends.

Back at the house, I work on audio all afternoon before we head down to the waterfront to look in all the windows of the overpriced boutiques and have a fabulous dinner.

The ATM eats my bank card before we agree to walk in together tomorrow, get the prize-winning shot in front of the Wanaka tree before my new friends – plus built-like-a-tank George – see me off on the trail.

What a grand time here with such awesome people. The conversation is so rich covering myriad topics, the house is one comfy leather couch or soft cushioned chair after another and these people are real readers, books all over the house.

I am nourished on so many levels – and challenged too, to remember those things I need in my life like to listen to all kinds of music, to dance with abandon, to be inquisitive and nurture my curiosity and intellect, and to laugh a lot.

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Reader Comments

  1. So glad you had such a nutritious and restful time in Wanaka, and resisted the Triathlon…
    I did the Motutapu once or twice, but you’ll go that way soon anyway!
    Tomorrow I’m celebrating my 70th by hiking , and will be thinking of you!
    Always enjoy your diary. Love, Ros.

    1. Happy Birthday, Ros!!! You are my inspiration!! Where are you hiking? Motutapu was so special. ♥️♥️♥️

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