Coast-to-Coast + aliloop-of-the-lakes, England – June, 2018

Created by the illustrious fell walker Alfred Wainwright, the Coast to Coast is an unofficial and often unsigned nearly 200-mile path that passes through three contrasting national parks: the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the North York Moors. I added another 50 miles peak bagging in the Lake District.

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England’s Coast to Coast was designed by Fell Walker Arthur Wainwright and is roughly 192 miles from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. He suggests we all find our own routes, which I did by adding another 50 miles peak bagging in the Lake District.
I want to encourage in others the ambition to devise with the aid of maps their own cross-country marathons and not be merely followers of other people’s routes. –Alfred Wainwright

I wear throwaway clothes on the plane for comfort and pack my hiking clothes for the trail.
A long flight to Manchester is followed by a train ride to St. Bee's and a beer in a Wainwright
The Coast-to-Coast begins with a dunk in the Irish Sea and picking up a pebble to drop in the North
From Ennerdale Water, it's off route up and over the hills towards Wasdale, climbing capitol of the Lake District.
The climb up Sca Fell is in a white out which finally clears for great views and a cobble-stone walkway.
It's climbing on some gnarly crags before thunder comes and we escape in pouring rain.
The day is misty, but the climb is still lovey under the cloud to Keswick and a good meal.
The mist continues and views are limited, but ends in a magical night next to a stream.
The Coast-to-Coast continues through villages where a meal can be had before wild camping.
It's one of the best days on the walk with clear skies across the Dodds and no wind on Striding
Rugged and beautiful all the way to Haweswater where the midges kept me in tightly sealed in my tent.
The way is easier as it rolls into farmland and tiny villages appear.
A wrong turn causes a detour to the lovely farm at Ravenseat where children greet me with smiles.
It's a shortcut over the moor, easy now in dry weather, until a storm builds and I lose my bearings.
Farmland continues as well as unusual stile to climb over rock walls holding flocks of sheep.
The trail is absolutely flat, broken up only by charming churches and friendly horses.
The trail is so eroded in Yorkshire that stones have been placed to save it like a garden path.
In Grosmonth, the Hogwarts Express arrives to much delight and picture taking.
My Leki poles keep me upright in 80 mph gusts.
The wind picks up to gale force and the skies look black, but it's easy walking if you can stay
The Coast to Coast is a lovely path, made better with more time in the Lake District.
The sounds of the Northern English countryside are new to my ears.
This is my track adding six days to the Coast to Coast. Hit me up for the GPX.
The last time in Yorkshire, I ran.
The last time in Yorkshire, I ran.
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