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Catherine Pulsifer
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The Continental Divide Trail, a pathway that one hiker describes as, “Raw, wild, remote and unfinished” is a trail that will make use of all the skills of an experienced backpacker. It is also a trail that is beautiful, stunning and perhaps the most rewarding of the major long-distance hiking trails.

The total distance is approximately 3,100 miles, though most thru-hikers – including this one – will not stay on the official trail, cutting here and adding there, including the Teton Trail and the High Route in the Wind River Range among others. The breakdown of the “official” trail goes like this: 2100 miles across 20 National Forests, 380 across 13 BLM areas and 280 across four National Parks.

The highest point on the CDT is Gray’s Peak in Colorado (14,270′) and the lowest point is at the northern terminus: Waterton Lake, Glacier National Park (4,200′), although due to Covid, I’ll be starting from Chief Mountain in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation on the east side of the park. The total elevation gain is 457,000 feet!

It’s a dryer trail than the PCT, so there will be logistics to plan as far as water carries and caches. In addition, the distance between towns is about 5-7 days, so I’ll be weighted down. It should take me 4 1/2 months to walk. Now it’s your turn to say “Kia kaha and happy trails!”

In two weeks _ and with supreme weather – I scaled all 15 of the "Fourteeners" in the Sawatch Range.
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Summit Orthopedics gave me new hips plus financial support for my upcoming CDT hike.
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I'm trying something new on the CDT: making my own maps and not bringing a stove.
I wrote this right after I had both hips replaced, caught covid and was unsure I'd hike again.
Before the hike comes the blessing, and on the way out, those blessings become reality.
From the border at Chief Mountain, it was a nine-mile walk off trail and through thunderstorms.
Getting CDT permits was tricky and we had only a short hike to Elizabeth Lake, but it was stunning.
I walked up my first pass at Red Gap strong and assured through wildflowers and one bit of snow.
The hike was short, but surprisingly steep in forest and meadow, followed by a hot road walk.
The trail up to Piegan Pass was covered in snow over switchbacks and required careful crossing.
The walk is hot through overgrowth, past spectacular falls and views to a burn area with no shade.