The wind dies down and the possums come out, climbing the tree above my head and chattering to each other.
The morning begins with the Kiwi couple talking, rustling in their plastic food bags and letting the door bang shut
Contrary to Alan from Dunedin’s prediction, the day opens crystal clear, ready for our eyes to take in some of
Ah, the stars last night! Twinkling diamonds on black velvet, the milky way a gentle twist. The morning opens with
I slept poorly last night with all the rustling about, phones going off and generally being stressed out knowing I
At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. —Toni Morrison The stars were spectacular overnight and I slept
Being alone is, we know, the best chance you have to be yourself, which is in turn the seed of
A perfect sleep in a perfect, tiny historic musterer’s hut opens with pink clouds and orange light on the grassy
The cure for loneliness, is solitude. —Marianne Moore Waking up this morning felt like a new start on a new
It rained nearly all night on the alicoop in this odd carved out campground above the hotel. Self-contained vehicles hemmed
Pink light glows on the mountains and glaciers. A perfect sky for a day trip. Harry and I have been
Pink sky in the morning, hiker take warning. Good thing I planned a rest day as the clouds move in,
The morning is lazy because I have to wait for the bank to open. I load up on more calories,
Walking is the natural recreation for a (wo)man who desires not absolutely to suppress (her) intellect but to turn it
The stars did not disappoint. I checked often through the night, the nearly full moon lighting up this wild landscape.
I’m up before dawn, quietly moving my gear into the common room so I can pack loudly. Someone on the
It rained all night. I am dry and warm in the alicoop, but I don’t think I can hike an
It’s a night shared with smokers, door slammers and snorers, but it turns out to be pretty fun in a
The stars were electric last night, even as the super moon made a grand entrance, lighting up one stray cloud
A clear, windy night gave way to a rainy, windy night. Even with piles of rocks, one stake slips out
I’m awakened by birds peeping in that silver flute tone of theirs, the sky barely light. I am more of
Rain fell all night. I am so happy that I stayed in a hut, tucked into my bunk with my
I wake with the others in the bunk room, a bit groggy and hung over from the drama of the
I tossed and turned last night, waking momentarily to see a waning gibbous moon perched on a cloud. My day