Being alone is, we know, the best chance you have to be yourself, which is in turn the seed of
A perfect sleep in a perfect, tiny historic musterer’s hut opens with pink clouds and orange light on the grassy
The cure for loneliness, is solitude. —Marianne Moore Waking up this morning felt like a new start on a new
It rained nearly all night on the alicoop in this odd carved out campground above the hotel. Self-contained vehicles hemmed
Pink light glows on the mountains and glaciers. A perfect sky for a day trip. Harry and I have been
Pink sky in the morning, hiker take warning. Good thing I planned a rest day as the clouds move in,
The morning is lazy because I have to wait for the bank to open. I load up on more calories,
Walking is the natural recreation for a (wo)man who desires not absolutely to suppress (her) intellect but to turn it
The stars did not disappoint. I checked often through the night, the nearly full moon lighting up this wild landscape.