It rains all night and I wake up so glad I walked both passes in reasonably good weather and that
The morning begins cloudy, chilly, but no rain. I am up first, packed and ready to leave this over-stuffed hut.
The moonlight filled the tiny windows of the hut as I slept. The first morning I’m not flying out of
My alarm goes off at 5:30 playing Billy McGlaughlin’s Finger Dance on full volume, but it’s still dark. I can
The rain slashed against the windows all night. Was it wind making it sound heavier than it is or will
I slept in late on this well deserved break day staying at a friend of a friend’s bach – pronounced
Alessio and I close up the bach, pack up and head to the road by 7 to hitch rides –
I know the joy of fishes in the river through my own joy, as I go walking along the same
Such a lovely night with brilliant stars and later a crescent moon on her side. People arrive late and release
The wild wind blew open the door of the hut, even after we placed a rock to hold it shut.
It’s cozy on my bunk as the sky begins to lighten. I’m up first heading to the longdrop on a
The wind dies down and the possums come out, climbing the tree above my head and chattering to each other.
The morning begins with the Kiwi couple talking, rustling in their plastic food bags and letting the door bang shut
Contrary to Alan from Dunedin’s prediction, the day opens crystal clear, ready for our eyes to take in some of
Ah, the stars last night! Twinkling diamonds on black velvet, the milky way a gentle twist. The morning opens with
I slept poorly last night with all the rustling about, phones going off and generally being stressed out knowing I
At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. —Toni Morrison The stars were spectacular overnight and I slept
Being alone is, we know, the best chance you have to be yourself, which is in turn the seed of