I needed to get up before 5 am to catch the ferry, but what a treat for Raf to take
Q: Why did the weka shriek before the sun came up? A: Because he can. To be fair there were
A couple of kids do arrive last night, just as the sun goes down behind a mountain. They bring good
Tui and Sam’s loud morning stretch greet the day, overcast, just how I like it. It’s a different world down
I sleep well outside. It’s cooler and the stars come out, diamonds displayed on black velvet. There’s no relief from
“It’s hard to be more perfect than right now,” says Steve as we sit on his beautiful deck overlooking a
Today is my second side trip, to beautiful Abel Tasman park. Steve makes a plan and we head out with
Maggie brings me outside when I wake up to show me my good luck charm – a rainbow. Cary joins
The hut rattles and shakes in the wind, but when I step outside for the loo, it’s not cold. I
I grab two bars, pack Olive Oyl and head up Purple Top before sunrise. A family of goats meets me