It's a long road walk to the Blue Duck Station where canoes await at Wade's landing.
We learn to paddle rapids, repack our barrels and set off through cliffs, falls and see three bats.
From the Bridge to Nowhere, it's not far to a powhiri welcome at the Maori community, Tieke Kainga.
We paddled 3 sets of rapids including 50/50 which ejects half those who dare paddle through.
It's a day of rain and interesting cliffs to mysterious Hipango Park with oddly scattered long drops.
Good weather and good friends add up to one of the best birthdays in memory.
It's a short paddle into Whanganui where Blissful meets George and Rob, her 'guardian' trail angels.
It's road from Whanganui to Koitita beach, massive driftwood on black sand and a magical sunset.
A bit of beach walk then river cross leads through pine forest to Bulls and finally a lovely reserve.
Many of the road walks on the Te Araroa provide little room for hikers and drivers don't
Blissful walks roads mostly to Palmerston North where she shares Christmas with new friends.
Setting off for a short slackpack on Christmas day already soaking wet.
Blissful slackpacks in rain to the road's end then returns for more Christmas with her Kiwi family.
It's a muddy slog through bush with many crossings of swollen rivers and streams.
A 2-day weather-window means fast walking over muddy, tussocky ridges and goblin forests.
On a spectacular day, Blissful summits Mount Crawford and steeply down to the Otaki River.
I wake up early, pack and eat tuna for breakfast to avoid any more of that weird heartbeat issue. The
Blissful hangs up her hiking shoes for a paddle on the Whanganui River.
The morning opens with rain and wind. Floris and Marjelain leave early, but I am beat. Brent makes me tea
I hate to become repetitive, but this morning began with rain on the alicoop. I think I’m going to need
I suppose it’s a bit odd to snag a zero day when I’m just two days from finishing the North
I dreamed last night that I was walking, but would wake up and see the stained glass window in my
I get up early to catch the cool air. It’s steep stairs up and up through bush finally into open
I’m now dreaming constantly of walking, this time pushing through scree, trapped and not getting very far. I’m either a
Things begin a bit lazy on another unusually sunny, warm day in Wellington with waffles and delicious yogurt, golden kiwis
The chorus of birds on both the Te Araroa and the Pacific Crest Trail were glorious. Hear them for yourself!