When you go up in the Tauraruas, you want a forecast with no wind. The fact that it’s pouring rain
Just after 5, and the nervous Germans are up packing. I like getting up early and hearing a few wind
I wake up early, pack and eat tuna for breakfast to avoid any more of that weird heartbeat issue. The
The morning opens with rain and wind. Floris and Marjelain leave early, but I am beat. Brent makes me tea
I hate to become repetitive, but this morning began with rain on the alicoop. I think I’m going to need
I suppose it’s a bit odd to snag a zero day when I’m just two days from finishing the North
I dreamed last night that I was walking, but would wake up and see the stained glass window in my
I get up early to catch the cool air. It’s steep stairs up and up through bush finally into open
I’m now dreaming constantly of walking, this time pushing through scree, trapped and not getting very far. I’m either a
Things begin a bit lazy on another unusually sunny, warm day in Wellington with waffles and delicious yogurt, golden kiwis