I’m up and packing at 3 am. Friends, there are stars out. Glory Hallelujah. Fingers crossed we make the crossing
I often wondered where I’d end up on December 14th while walking the TA. So happy to wake up in
I’m having trouble sleeping as my birthday winds down. So many gifts of good weather, astonishing scenery, strong legs and
The day opens with low hanging mist. I have to put on rain gear to pack the tent, studying the
Waking up was with complaining sheep and the thwap-thwap of techno pop meaning only one thing – sheep sheering. It’s
Our tents are damp in this foggy morning, set on a staircase of carved terraces, Inca-style. Yesterday, Andrew and I
You know it’s a thru-hike – or at this point a thru-paddle – when you wake up in the middle
The moon comes out accompanied by wild night sounds and a few stray splats of raindrops shaking off the trees.
I wake up to a five-note song, a slight variation on Gershwin’s first prelude. I answer with the second line,
An absolutely beautiful rest in a beautiful room awakened by the smell of toast, eggs, bacon – a full English
A full moon looked in on my sleep, then a glorious sunrise. I’m back on black sand as my trail