The alicoop and Blissful's shadow.
The views are astounding on the Mangawhai Cliffs, after a long road walk, Blissful camps on Pakiri Beach.
Tree fern fiddlehead in the Dome Forest.
From Pakiri beach, it's straight up into muddy bush and views from Mt Tamahunga before the Dome Forest.
It's "tramping track" through the Dome Forest, one boardwalk section of Kauri, and a long walk to Puhoi.
Stacked packs at the Puhoi Pub.
To wait out the tides, it's a long hang out at the Puhoi Pub, then a kayak down the river
The rocky section after Wenderholm that can only be crossed at low tide.
The tides must be timed to walk the beautiful rocky beach near Orewa, then it's road to Stillwater.
The beautiful rock spit near Dacre Point only crossable at low tide.
After water up to the navel in Okura Estuary, it's a beautiful walk down the North Shore to Auckland.
I am laying in a bed letting the body recover until all hours of the morning, make that the afternoon.
*slackpacking is section backpacking while sleeping in the same place each night I’m a tourist today, loosely walking the trail
I’m up and out before the house stirs in full rain gear. Just drizzle – and not cold – but
It’s raining. A lot. And expected all day – with lightning on the side. But I have good rain gear