These things are ours for God creates within our soul a mystic sense of wonder that we may hear allegro
Note to self: no more setting up on a slope. It was relatively wonderful at Betty’s but I couldn’t find
I am a total dope. I followed a beach sign down to a rocky shore. But there is another beach
The tree house faces east looking out over the estuary, pink streaks reflected in the receding water that I’ll walk
It’s been two weeks. I’ve gotten conjunctivitis and a minor sprain. Here’s hoping – hobbling? – the new week is
Quiet and cool this morning by the estuary. The wind died and the party heated up until the wee hours.
Walking straight uphill this early morning onto a flower-covered hillside above the ocean. I can hear the waves crashing below.
I get an early start. It’s overcast just as I like it. Someone else is up with a weed wacker.