It’s pitch dark, the waves are crashing and the other six at Twilight are asleep, nestled in their tents. This
I woke up early. Really early. To be expected after not feeling any effects of jet lag on yesterday’s mission.
The alicoop crashed in the middle of the night. First came torrential rain, then the wind. Then rain and wind.
Definitely a better night at Utea Park and I do feel a bit sheepish that I was so maudlin last
What a delight to spend the evening at Peter’s overlooking Ahipara Bay. Wine under the olive trees, alicoop drying in
Just putting my things up to face a few more hours of mud til a road walk and – you
Well this <expletive> sucks. It’s been pouring rain for the last few hours. Nothing is nastier than packing in rain.
The morning came full of birdsong. The first few nights – especially going this hard – are tough. My legs
I’ve been invited to stay the night at one of the most extraordinary homes I’ve ever been to, in the