Taking my bike across town to Orchestra Hall, then a ten-mile ride back after the concert.
My biggest successes come when I went easier on the training and was more intentional.
Cape Reinga, the northernmost tip of New Zealand
After 36 hours of travel, I arrived in New Zealand and started hiking right away.
It’s less 'seize the day' at this point then let it happen and be present while it does.
In late October, I said goodbye and set off for the other side of the world.
The Blissful Hiker packs her ultralight gear for New Zealand.
The Blissful Hiker Alison Young packs ultralight gear to ready to go to New Zealand.
The great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wants us to be wanderers, “though not as a traveler to a final destination: for this destination does not exist.”
If you arrive at a final destination, it’s a sign that you’ve set your sights too low.
Walking is good for you.
Walking is good for you – and for the creative mind – as so many composers were fully aware of.
When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.
It's said that people fear public speaking - and looking ridiculous - more than death.
The Hammock Gear quilt looks like a prop from
A quilt opens beneath you and puts the down feathers on top. where you need them.
What I lack in experience, I make up with enthusiasm.
What I lack in experience, I make up with enthusiasm.
I had 25 ounces at a rolling boil in about four minutes.
I had 25 ounces at a rolling boil on my 3 ounce stove in about 4 minutes.
Olive Oyl, my Granite Gear pack that carried my home, my life, everything I needed on the Te Araroa.
The Blissful Hiker's packed weight for 5 months on the Te Araroa is under 15 pounds.
I love my work as a classical music radio host, but I wanted to see what a long distance thru-hike would do to my body, mind and spirit so asked for a leave.
I love being a DJ, but wanted to experience a thru-hike before it was too late.