A creature walking past my tent wakes me up before I head to Ski Lake and back to civilization.
Do bear bells work? Should I play dead? What about guns in bear country? Read more and stay safe.
It’s beautiful walking along azure lakes under the gaze of the Square Top, then 2,400 feet up Cube Pass.
It’s big climbs over Knapsack Col into stunning Titcomb Basin then up towards Indian Pass.
The hardest day yet across Knifepoint Glacier, up Alpine Pass and Class 3 scrambling to a magical camp spot.
It’s a long day beginning with pouring rain, then passes, including Hay, and lakes in forest and above treeline.
Bog, rock ramps, gullies, talus and bushwhacking take us over one of the most stunning passes yet.
It’s a big pass with big talus in wild wind to a magical camp behind the towers.
The final day takes us over Texas Pass into the astounding Cirque of the Towers.
Paralleling the Continental Divide Trail, this high route traverses steep passes in Colorado’s Front Range.