I walk four miles with heavy feet, gasping for air as my heart races, then hit the SOS.
I take an alternate along the Sun River to avoid blowdowns and ride a horse across a ford.
It’s flat through a flower filled burn area then a balcony walk looking and climbing up and over dead fall.
The trail heads up a steep slope with views of snow-capped mountains, then into a fairy forest.
The start of ‘The Bob’ is a seven-mile stretch of blowdowns on PUDS or pointless up and downs.
It’s a long, overgrown and buggy walk out of East Glacier towards the wilderness.
The final push out of Glacier is over Signal Mountain then through Blackfeet Nation land.
The CDT alternate over Dawson Pass is some of the finest ‘balcony walking’ of any trail.
I get an early start with shade all the way to final zigzags up Triple Divide Pass, then spend hours
The walk is hot through overgrowth, past spectacular falls and views to a burn area with no shade.
The trail up to Piegan Pass was covered in snow over switchbacks and required careful crossing.
The hike was short, but surprisingly steep in forest and meadow, followed by a hot road walk.
I walked up my first pass at Red Gap strong and assured through wildflowers and one bit of snow.
Getting CDT permits was tricky and we had only a short hike to Elizabeth Lake, but it was stunning.
From the border at Chief Mountain, it was a nine-mile walk off trail and through thunderstorms.
Before the hike comes the blessing, and on the way out, those blessings become reality.