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Mount Rainier near the Pacific Crest Trail

Trail Update – Sierra Nevada

A surprise text popped up on my phone last Sunday: ‘Donahue Pass!! on the JMT’. It was from Alison of course. She had managed to find a cell signal at what is the highest point on her trek so far. A few more messages quickly followed…

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Trail Update

Spoiler Alert – Alison walked through Seiad Valley a few days ago and is now well into California. While her most recent blog post was about a side trip to Ashland, I have now spoiled the ‘cliffhanger’ as to whether or not she makes it to the state line. She will fill the gaps with the next round of uploads. There was enough wifi in the valley for her to post a pic on Facebook […]

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TA update: going up! – again

I received a short message from Alison: “Nelson Lakes conquered. Heading back up to miss rain. More in a week” She sent it after arriving in Boyle Village to find very limited connectivity. It came in via satelite to my email. I thought I should explain a bit of the behind the scenes technology we are using to stay in touch. While making plans for this journey, I encouraged her to purchase a GPS tracking […]

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