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Alison Young is the Blissful Hiker, a voice artist and sometime saunterer. 📣🐥👣🎒

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  1. Just took time to listen to your latest narrative, which happened just after the end of a replayed Symphony-Cast. Now that stretches the mind… listening to Alison Young talk about the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the theme of “Time,” and then hear Alison Young talk about her walk in New Zealand, within minutes of each other. Both in the clear, pleasant articulated voice. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy New Year. A delightful vicarious pleasure to follow with you. You are a happy wanderer. Godspeed on the trail ahead.

  3. Exquisite views! And the narrative gave us a taste of the demands of hiking in those misty mountains – goblin forests indeed!

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