Audio Narrative and “Visual-Audio” essays document impressions for an immersive experience, almost like a conversation. Consequently, the listener becomes a participant in the act of discovery, the decision-making and the myriad emotions activated by long distance walking. Thanks to John Reamer and Associates for their generous support in the making of the Te Araroa essays and Peeps of the PCT series.

song of the sea caves

On the northwestern tip of Wisconsin, where a peninsula of land like a unmanageable hair swirl juts into Lake Superior, twenty-two islands form an archipelago. Named the “Apostle Islands” by someone approximating their number, these bits of land are smothered in white pine and balsam fir, though below is ancient rock from the Precambrian period made up nearly entirely of red sandstone. What happens to sandstone after centuries of wave action, freezing, and thawing? They’re…

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