ask me anything, volume 1

Gear, like most of what goes into planning a thru-hike, is constantly changing, being updated and reconsidered.

Yesterday, I received an email from a fellow hiker who’s about to begin her first solo thru-hike. She had questions about the safety of hitchhiking, whether I buy trip insurance, if I carried a sun umbrella on the Arizona Trail, etc. etc.

Like most hikers, I have strong opinions on backpacking topics – while pretty wishy-washy on others, usually after being stubbornly certain about them for years!

It’s the perfect time for me to strive for less wishy-washiness as I prepare to walk the final 100 miles of the Arizona Trail in late February. So (drum roll please) the time has come for the first ever “Ask Me Anything.” It’s your opportunity to send me any burning questions you might have about anything backpacking-related. I will give it my best shot to offer wisdom-from-the-trail.


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