Alison is a fabulous host and shines at live events.

alison young’s Live events

Alison Young, emcee and host

With decades of experience on radio and as a professional musician, Alison Young is right at home on stage hosting and emceeing events.

She is detailed oriented to cover important information that needs to be communicated as well as including memorable stories and anecdotes in her remarks that make introductions less a formality and more an event.

Her warm, authentic and engaging personality easily connects with audiences to build rapport and energy, ensuring programs run smoothly.

Alison has a wonderful gift of being able to talk about classic music in a way that invites everyone inside to be part of the grand journey of discovering this life affirming art form. Her warm and welcoming voice, her uncommon ability to teach without the slightest hint of lecturing, all convey to her audience that this music is for them and that they too will be delighted and enriched. To listen to Alison talk about music is to embark on a journey with a trusted and pleasing friend. 

Jon Limbacher

Managing Director and President, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Sometimes I wonder how so much talent and drive can be contained in one person. Alison is a fabulous classical music host with both a warm voice and a great personality. She shines at live events, and is an impassioned speaker. I've watched with awe as she's taken her love of hiking to new heights (and lengths!), documenting both the ups and downs of long distance trekking for her followers with both raw honesty and unlimited enthusiasm. She's an inspiration to me in so many ways, and I feel lucky to know her.

Marianne Combs

Reporter, Podcaster, Storyteller and Mentor

Alison is the bright, spontaneous and compelling voice listeners enjoy hearing and learning from whether they are at their radios, or at an event she is promoting. Alison is passionate about music and is genuinely interested in what it can do for its proponents and immersers.

Ray Shows

Artaria Quartet

Alison Young has years of experience working in a very demanding radio environment hosting a variety of classical music programs from live to pre-recorded. She has a voice that is very pleasant to listen too, wherever you might be listening to, in the car, home or on-line. She is easy to work with, flexible and she draws in the listener with a sound that is friendly but with authority.   

Michael Osborne

Technical Director of the Minnesota Orchestra Broadcast

Alison's delivery is clear, and she has an inviting warmth in her voice that makes you stop what you're doing and focus on what she's saying. Alison's many years experience as radio host show through in her professionalism and connection to listeners.

Barry Kempton

Artistic & Executive Director, The Schubert Club

If you are reading this recommendation for Alison - it is given by someone who has had "The Alison Young Experience." Her command of the music, its history and the artists who performed it was, simply amazing. In front of a live audience, she is exuberant, well informed and passionate about the artists and their performance.  

Steven Olinger

Business Development, Avenir