Cherish forever what makes you unique, cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.

Bette Midler

Let’s face it, not every moment in life is blissful, but when you’re a hiker, things are just that much better.

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John Muir stood at this very spot.

Walking has always been my passion, my solace and my truest love. My earliest memory is of singing while looking down at my feet as they carried me along a sidewalk. When we moved from the New York suburbs to the New Hampshire countryside, I was often lost for hours exploring the woods and fields. Though it wasn’t until my dad took me to Yosemite when I was thirteen and I played my flute on top of Half Dome, that I realized just how far my feet could take me.

I have hiked trails long and short, and have found my love growing only deeper over the years. While I don’t know the precise number of miles I’ve walked – because I walk every day – walking is an integral part of my life. That’s why I try to put my feet on some spectacular spots in the world every chance I get.

a few blissful hiker hiking stats

The longest walk all at one time? 2,683 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail

The shortest “thru-hike?” 41 miles on Minnesota’s remote Kekekabic Trail.

The most beautiful? The John Muir Trail in the California Sierras.

The most bad-ass? Definitely the unmarked Drakensberg Traverse in South Africa/Lesotho although all that steep sidling, deep mud and lack of defined or maintained trail on New Zealand’s Te Araroa is a close second. 

The scariest? The Paria Canyon with its fifteen miles of slot canyon hiked solo in winter.

Where would I go back right now if I could quit my job? Certainly, the Karakorum in Pakistan.

anything else you’d like to know about the blissful hiker?

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