In the Winter of 2020, I had both hips replaced with titanium. No, I did not wear them out walking too much. It turns out I have a genetic predisposition for breakdown. That moment arrived a bit sooner than I’d preferred, but what an awesome outcome! I am stronger than ever and this is my story…

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Why yes, I am bionic!
Last year, at the age of 55, I learned I needed to replace both my hips with titanium...
Resolutions stand a better chance of success if they're accompanied by gratitude for what's been.
I wrote this right after I had both hips replaced, caught covid and was unsure I'd hike again.
Summit Orthopedics gave me new hips plus financial support for my upcoming CDT hike.
Quandary Peak is one of the easiest mountains to climb in winter, even by people with new hips.
Building a system of small, bite-sized goals helps us avoid summit fever while also increasing joy.
Rehabilitation and training for the CDT begins on terrazzo floors, indoors.
Arthritis runs in my genes and this fall, I'll have both of my hips replaced with artificial ones.
The Kekekabic is a remote and rugged 41-mile long trail through the Boundary Waters Wilderness.